Devil May Cry (デ ビ ル イ ク ラ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ イ Debiru Mei Kurai? Originally Devil May Cry would be a sequel to the Resident Evil series, also from Capcom, but as the game evaded much of the original idea, the project was reused in the new series. The title, originally created in English, means Demon Can Cry, as explained in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

The series revolves around Dante, the main character who works with the demonic extermination [note 1]. He has a twin brother named Vergil who appears in the first game of the series, Devil May Cry, as a non-playable character and in the third game, Devil May Cry 3, as playable character. The gameplay is based on defeating enemies triggering large sequences of attacks in a frenzy, while avoiding possible damage, in order to display scenes of stylish fights; this element along with the time and quantity of items collected and used are taken into consideration in order to arrive at the classification of the player's performance.

The series has always been highly praised for always bringing great soundtracks, plot and for being one of the games with best and most innovative gameplay of all time (by many it is considered the flagship of the genre Hack n 'Slash). The first three issues of the series were a success, selling millions of copies, which earned Capcom the "Platinum Title" award. The success of the series of games led to the creation of comic books, novels, an anime, guides, collections, publications and a variety of action figures.


During the 2010 edition of the Tokyo Game Show Capcom revealed a new game called DmC: Devil May Cry. The new game, which was not a reboot of the series, was developed by Ninja Theory, being a parallel universe of the series Devil May Cry, focused on a younger and rebellious Dante.

At E3 2018, Capcom unveiled a new installment of the original series, Devil May Cry 5, due out March 8, 2019.

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